Friday, October 19, 2007

Wow that's a lot.

First up. This lady is my new hero.


OK, so I have the figs in my Bretonnian Battleforce box assembled and primed, FINALLY. And now they go into the queue of stuff to get painted. Couple this with the new figs I got yesterday and it is apparent that I've got a TON of stuff to paint.

I've noticed that many people tend to fall into the trap of "more stuff than they can paint", and now I know why. There is a solid case of "Oooo, that is pretty, I want that", which outstrips the time it takes to get them ready. Oh well. The lady friend has an other civil war trip this year, so I'll be home alone for a week. Perhaps I can clear out most of the stuff I want painted by then, including the fig for "Tesla" the Elven sorcerer in the current Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

So what do I have on tap? In no particular order:

1. House Escher Necromunda Gang
2. Sisters of Sigmar Mordheim Gang
3. Tesla (fig is Celeborn from the Lord of the Rings game by Games Workshop)
4. Sejana - Paladin (fig is Eowyn from the Lord of the Rings game by Games Workshop)
5. City of the Spider Queen set of Drow from Wizards of the Coast (I love the Dark Elves).
6. Bretonnian Battleforce - 16 Men at Arms, 16 Archers, 8 Knights, 3 Pegasus Knights)
7. Princess of Hell - Scantily clad Demon girl from Reaper Miniatures.
8. 3 Warrior Nuns - Also Reaper, I'll probably do these with the Sisters of Sigmar
10. 10 more Assault Squad Space Marines.
11. Finish off the 10 Scouts I am painting faces on.

Yeah, that IS a lot.

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