Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Events of the Weekend

Last Friday, I observed/played a demo of Rackham's AT-43. It is a rather simple miniatures game with some nice pre-painted minis. Apparently, I played it with a bunch of Steve Jackson Games employees who had decended on Battleforge games to give it a try. That was an interesting experience. I didn't care for the static quality of the maps and the rules seemed to be unclear in certain situations, but all-in-all it's a fun game and worth a look. It was also kinda neat to realize that I was playing with people who work in the industry of which I'm a consumer.

Saturday, I headed back to Battleforge for a Warhammer 40,000 tournament. I like tournaments because I can get 3 games in in a day and I like the random quality of not knowing what mission I'll have nor what person I'm about to play against. As usual, I did get seriously beaten down but I did do better than I had. I've been trying a slightly different Space Marine list using the "Blood Angels" chapter codex. I like the "in your face" close combat quality and the fact that I can use my "Legion of the Damned" squad for Death Company. Of course, while I did come in dead last, I did get a Bretonnian "Damsel of the Lady" blister to add to the Warhammer Fantasy Army I'm building.

Sunday, I went and hung out at another local gamestore called Ninja Pirate. I was hoping to get another game in, but that ended up being a no-go because of the fact that they'd hosted the 'Ard Boyz tourney the previous day. I like that they stepped up their support with Thor's Hammer (my previous hangout) vanishing. So I chatted with a few people (one of whom I'd not seen for a few years) and worked on my Bretonnian battleforce box. This week, I gotta basecoat them. Then I can get them assembled enough to field and paint at my leisure.

There has been talk about playing Mordheim and Necromunda recently. I've always wanted to play these games and at the very least wanted to get the minis. Well, I've gone ahead and ordered House Escher (Necromunda) and Sisters of Sigmar (Mordheim) warbands. I've decided that aesthetics should be the primary deciding factor for picking miniatures from now on. Also, because I'm now wanting to make sure my local game stores are supported, I made sure to buy these from Rogue's Gallery instead of ordering them online.

Now the only problem is that I need to hold off before I can pick up the Dungeons and Dragons Rules Compendium. This looks like it is going to be a useful text for me, so I'm strongly considering picking it up. Every rule listed in Alphabetical Order to make rules easier to find. They also seem to have been edited a little bit for clarity. There is a preview over on the Wizards of the Coast website, click here if you are curious.

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