Monday, June 2, 2008

Dungeon and Dragons session - Hellenika Campaign - MASSIVE UPDATE!

Boxo returned the party to Hellenika, dropping them off behind the Inn of the Brilliant Bard in Pytho. There they encountered a cat which Tesla dispeled, returning Relnic to his natural form. He explained how Fred sent him to be an ambassador to Hellenika soon after Fred returned to reality, but he was captured by Allyrians, turned into a cat, infected with a plague, and released in Hellenika to start the great plague. He at one point briefly became human again but soon transformed back. The party took rooms at the nearby Inn of the Golden Sunbeam. They discovered a note in Woof-Woof’s collar leading them to the former inn’s stables where they found their horses, Kerin’s gold from Lendor, and pink armor for Gal from her “grandfather.”

The next day the party split up to investigate the town. Gal investigated the Inn of the Brilliant Bard as a cat and discovered closed-off upstairs rooms, one with strange smells. As a snake, he laid in wait and saw prostitutes and later a man come out of the other room. Kerin and Relnic bought clothes and discovered at the Temple of Athena that Tesla was wanted for heresy. Tesla discovered the same when he paid his magic item fee at the Mage Guild. Iridinae visited the Temple of Artemis and learned that the King’s Companion Stephanos is missing. She also found out that a couple of embassies have been sent to the Land of Fred but haven’t been heard from. At lunch the party observed a rude, evil customer named Pirithoos who is a regular at the Golden Sunbeam.

Kerin tried to scan the strange room at the Brilliant Bard but failed. She sent a message to Fred that Relnic had been found. Gal followed Pirithoos around town, leaving him at the Temple of Ares. Gal returned to the Brilliant Bard as a rat and warped the wood to the door to peer in. She sensed creatures inside but as she was investigating she heard someone coming up the stairs and so darted into the room where she ran into something.

Meanwhile, the party was back at the inn of the Golden Sunbeam while gal was in rat form and running into a creature under the bed as someone was coming up the stairs.

In fact, a few of these small creatures (who appeared to be humanoid) were in the room, and chased Gal out with cries of "Dinner!". Gal managed to escape and return to the Inn to meet with the party and relay the story.

At this point, a man comes in and starts talking to talks to a man working on some bookkeeping.

Kerin casts claireaudience. The man and the bookkeeper are having a discussion about a complaint of a "rat infestation". The other person apparently works at the Brilliant Bard and is named "Arion". The guest who complained is "Well connected" and "secretive". The 'special guest' took out the room a couple months ago and has the room paid up a year in advance. He does not permit any entry into the room, not even for cleaning. Apparently, the guest is rude to the guests and has an "uncle" who lives on the premise.

Arion walks by the table and "falls". Gal manages to catch him. Arion recognizes the party as "Adventurers" and invites the party to dinner at the inn of the Brilliant Bard. He is surprised that the group assents as the Inn of the Brilliant Bard has a bad reputation amongst clergy, and clergy will not dine there.

After he leaves, the party discusses about what the "humanoids" Gal encountered were. They decide to go to a temple of Apollo for information on what it was. A woman at the temple of Apollo helps and after some research Gal determines that the critter was a "Redcap".

They return to the Golden Sunbeam inn when Kerin casts divinations on the Pirithoos. She notes that she has magic items, but doesn't get a great more detail.

That afternoon, the party investigates why the Inn of the Brilliant Bard has a bad reputation. We find out that the "Twin Gods" cursed it. (Apollo and Artemis) cursed him and his sister as they were angered at them (Arion and Callisto).

The party buys clothes for the dinner, and then heads out dinner.

Arion comes out to greet them and invites them to sit near the stage. Arion concludes that they are from another plane.

Arion reveals that he and his sister "erred" and the deities "corrected" them.

The party tells Arion about the Aries worshipper. Arion reveals that he does not recognize the race of Gal. (Gal is in human form). The party tells Arion about the plot of Garm. Arion leaves.

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