Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dungeons and Dragons Session - Hellenika Campaign - Sometimes I think I do to much Rogue-ishness

The performer comes out on stage and plays. Food and drink are good. The clientelle appears wealthy (merchants). The party sees one of the people Gal spied upon (a corpulent fellow with many women). Iridinae recognizes him from her past - the queen's father. This arouses the party's suspicions as to what he is doing here.

After hearing about the curse from other patrons, Tesla asks what is the nature of the curse. No one can agree on what it is. The party returns to the inn of the Golden Sunbeam. The night passes uneventfully.

Morning arrives.

Kerin announces that we have a message from Fred (via sending) telling us to "Keep him there. Tell him to go on to the king and ask him for..." Relnik says he was coming down to set up diplomatic relations with Hellenika. Kerin sends a response indicating that he ran out of words.

The party heads over to the inn of the Brilliant Bard.

The waitstaff there takes the party to Arion's office. After a few minutes, he comes in. Arion asks further of about the gate that they know will be forming in the Inn. The party tells him what they know. Arion suggests a deal.

Arion tells the story. He had been part of an adventuring group until he was cursed and forced them to be separated. Arion starts getting vague. He talks about a contest that they had cheated on, hence the curse. It becomes apparent that the curse is preventing him from performing (which makes it difficult for him to rely the story).

With assistance from Tesla the story becomes apparent...

After the war with Aphryggia, Callisto had bragged that she and Arion were superior to the twin gods in skill. The gods (in human form) challenged them to a contest. However, Callisto bribed the judges. The gods found out and they were cursed.

Arion is unable to perform and is lame. Further, he can only operate during the day
Callisto is only able to hunt and appears to be undead. Further, she can only operate during the night.

To break the curse, the group must bring the two together, so that he can serenade her while holding her horn (which can control undead).

He asks the party to bring them together.

The party agrees to help. They decide to find her first before facing the Aries worshiper.

Arion provides Kerin with a comb with which she can attempt to scry for Callisto.

The party splits up.

Tesla attempts to find information regarding "bad hunting". A young urchin approaches him saying that someone at the "Priapic Stallion" wants to speak with him. While wary, Tesla follows. He is led to a corner booth where a young man is sitting. The young man identifies himself as "Valnos" and that he needs assistance from the "Rogue who does not hide." It quickly becomes apparent that this person is not who he seems. Tesla finally recognizes him as the King's Companion. Stephanos asks him to break into the castle and leave a note. Tesla tells him he will render a decision tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Iridinae takes Woof-Woof out to the countryside for running and hunting. Irinidae returns to the city and purchases a small piglet for the sacrifice for entering the city. As she enters a man runs up and offers to wipe down her horse. She recognizes a cloth that he has (similar to what she has) and asks him where it came from. He says he had it for a long time.

Meanwhile Meanwhile, Kerin goes to procure the font and holy water for the divination to find Callisto. As she leaves the temple district, she sees Pirithuous going to the temple of Aries. She casts clairvoyance to attempt to determine what he is doing. She 'sees' that he walks into the temple which is appropriately decorated as a temple to Aries. He walks up to a cleric of Aries who is talking to someone. Pirithuous shoves the civilian off to the side. The civilian and Pirithuous each draw weapons. The cleric yells and gesticulates. Pirithuous relaxes and the civilian is cowed and leaves. The cleric and Pirithuous talk to each other. They move into another room as the spell ends.

Meanwhile Meanwhile Meanwhile, Gal changes into a hawk and flies out to scout the Northeast area where they believe Callisto is. She flies over a wooded area with a thick canopy. She notices there is much less game that she'd normally expect in this area. There are definitely areas where a large pack has come through trampling brush. Gal attempts to follow the trail. She concludes the pack is three dozen strong. There is also signs of hoof prints. She follows the trail to a hilly area. It appears that the pack has entered a cave. She returns.

The party gathers back at the Inn and shares information.

The party enjoys dinner at the Golden Sunbeam and formulates plans.

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