Monday, March 16, 2009

Twilight: 1943

One of the things we like about our wargaming is a chance for any two of us to sit down and work out an army battle. The limitation of playing Flames of War is a reason for any army to fight any army. That is, why would say...America fight the UK or even America fight America? In my desire to create a map campaign for Flames of War I came up with the following, Inspired by Twilight 2000.

Twilight: 1943

History is rather fragile. Where a pebble in a river may not make the slightest difference, a grain of sand in the ocean of time can cause the equivalent of a tidal wave.

What if?

Edith Keeler ran the 21st Street Mission soup kitchen in New York during the depression. Her speeches and philosophies inspire a pacifist movement in the United States. The strength of her message allows her to go as far to meet with Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Roosevelt loses his bid for a third term to Wendell Willkie who further pushes for isolationism and echoes Keeler's philosophies noting her popularity.

While Japan had allied itself with Axis Germany, the power struggle delayed Japan involving itself heavily in the war beyond financial support to Germany. Prince Fumimaro Konoe knows of Yamamoto's reservations to going to war with the US, which Tojo supports. Yamamoto knew that America was a sleeping giant, not to be awakened. If Japan entered the War and attacked America, it would be an act that could lose the war. Furthermore, Fumimaro has heard the some of the Keeler philosophy.

December 7th, 1941 passes without incident. The US remains neutral a little longer.

The United States' isolationism permits Germany to get a stronger foothold and ally with Mexico. Despite diplomatic talks, Mexico attacks Texas in 1942. However, even though the Axis has attacked on American soil, the Washington looks to a diplomatic solution. Dismayed by this and still disillusioned from the Civil War, Texas exercises it's right to secede. Following suit, the former Confederate states do as well.

It becomes clear to President Wilke that the US must follow suit and declare war on the Axis, but is also at war with Texas and must face a war on all fronts. The US moves for greater ties with Canada, but the United Kingdom disapproves of some the American priorities and while not declaring a full war due to it's necessary collaboration with the US.

Mexico realizes it's next on the Axis agenda, as they are getting minimal support from Germany, leave the Axis causing negatively impacting the relations with Germany and also ensuring that Germany is unable to immediately crush the United States. Furthermore, while flexing its muscles, Mexico realizes it needs resources to continue its fight and defend itself. To this end, they attack Venezuela in an attempt to seize the oilfields there.

Emboldened by the chaos across the world, the Grand Duchess Tsarina Anastasia comes out of hiding and rallies the Soviet citizens who were disillusioned with Communism and stokes the fires of revolution in Russia.

Japan finally sorts itself out with Tojo ascending to power one year after the deadline of the Imperial Conference to select a prime minister. Yamamoto's tactical genius allows him to maintain his post. December 7th, 1942, Pearl Harbor is bombed.

Such is the world of Twilight: 1943.

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Chris said...

So totally running with the Texas Secession idea. Going to be able to field the 36th infantry and the 2nd armored. Both came out of Texas during the war.