Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Will Rachael Return?

Remember back when we were gods?

Rachael Storm, a librarian exposed to a massive dose of atmospherium, developed the ability to increase her density providing her with superstrength and near indestructibility. Amongst her exploits were going toe to toe with both Lord Recluse and The Hamidon. She defeated every member of the Praetorians.

Some of the most computer fun I've had was playing City of Heroes. Heck, this blog was started as a City of Heroes Blog. Since I burned myself out on it, though, I have not yet found an MMO that has really grabbed me, and I have looked. We know I'm waiting anxiously for Star Wars: The Old Republic, but that is likely to come out in 2010. Star Trek Online has no ETA.

Recently, I noticed that Champions Online (one of the MMO's I've been watching) is slated for release in "Spring 2009" - e.g. any time now. I'm thinking that The Dawn Patrol may return here or at least make an appearance.

In all honesty, I do miss being the "Stone Goddess", the "Big Bad Boulder Bitch", etc. I miss the Task Forces, the Trials, the Raids. Honestly though, I've tried to play, and CoX just can't grab me anymore.

I wonder how many people I knew in Paragon will be there? We've all come a long way in the past 4 years...

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Matthew said...

Some form of South will likely be there.

Funny aside, I found out last night that two of the guys I rpg with have active characters on Infinity!