Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Dungeon and Dragons session - Hellenika Campaign - The Hand of Fear

Sorry this posting is late – I zoned out.

The party continued to discuss how to prevent their past selves from killing Oromos. Boxo enlightens the group to the difficulties in the plan with regard to temporal mechanics. They decide to go back and put one of their souls into Oromos to prevent his attacking the group. Boxo says he will need a day or so to regain his strength. The party goes back to the palace and luxuriates in rooms.

Fred comes to them and talks with them. He tells them that he has some books that have information on vampires and that he is giving them a feast that evening. Kerin starts reading "The Adventures of Buffy the Vampire Slayer by Joss Whedon as told by Fred Jones". Tesla starts reading a book called "Sanford and Son". Gal examines some plant life to see if there are any ill effects of the "non-light".

That evening Fred throws a wonderful, lavish feast. The party retires for the evening.

That morning they are given a good breakfast. After meeting up with Boxo, the party prepares to go. Boxo tells them that the "time lag" will hit the outer dome and cancel it out, returning Fred-land to the normal "stream of events".

Kerin (having the highest Will save) is chosen to inhabit Oromos and control him.

Boxo takes the party into the time stream…

As they travel back they encounter “turbulence” which indicated where the time stream was altered. Boxo indicates this is the location and sends Kerin’s “soul” into Oromos. She encountered some difficulty with a desire for blood, but encounters the “past” instance of the party where she tells them to wait and do nothing.

The past party assents and is picked up by the past Boxo that dropped them off at that time.

The Boxo of the present brings Kerin of the present back and the party returns to Atlan. A much irritated Castellan (we realize it's the male version) greets them. The party finds they have been given permission to remain and provide evidence during the trial.

The Castellan escorts Boxo to the chambers for the trial and Gal leans up against the door to listen.

Session ends as I start to fall asleep...

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