Friday, April 18, 2008

Dungeon and Dragons session - Hellenika Campaign - Laptops don't work without power

Abbreviated notes from Friday since I didn't have the power cord to my laptop, and the battery doesn't last long.

The party identified magic items. They were taken to nice rooms and were allowed to recover. Boxo came and spoke with the party and explained that this entire "time caper" starting (as far as Boxo was concerned) with Boxo coming to retrieve their bodies was a plot by the council to help preserve Lendor and acquire Fred who will eventually become Lendor's replacement. He also described what his sentence was: being stripped of his powers and banished across time. The party realized that it would be in the past so that they would eventually meet him in the guise of "Timeos".

The party was brought before the council one more time and was made some offers. Gal was offered the position of Castallan (the previous one was exiled to the dwarven lands). She declined the offer. Then the entire party was offered the position of "field agents" for the council. However, they decided that they wanted to have nothing to do with the council and declined. The party then discussed where Boxo would take them.

Session ends.

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