Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dungeon and Dragons session - Hellenika Campaign - The Battle in the Panopticon

Gal listens as the council grills Boxo. It very quickly becomes obvious that the trial is a farce and the council has already made up their minds. This continues for about a half hour. The party is summoned into the chamber. The Castellan again reminds the party of the rules to 'be civil'.

In the chambers, the 5 members of the council are sitting in their places much as they were previously. The party relays the story to date. When complete, the Castellan brings the party out of the chamber and are left in an anti-chamber.

The party is attacked. Two armoured female orcs move in to attack. Kerin leads off with a soundlance as the orcs cut into Tesla. Melee ensues as Tesla attempts to charm one of the orcs. Iridinae is struck by something unseen during the combat.

Kerin pulls out her brightly shining orb revealing a humanoid shadow in the corner. Gal turns into one of the "spider men" they'd fought on monster isle and fired webbing at the amazon orc. She becomes entangled in spider webbing.

Tesla casts a targeted dispel on the shadow (yay, a natural 17) but to no avail. The shadow swipes at Iridinae draining 3 points of strength. There is more muttering from next to Iridinae, but not from the shadow creature. Melee continues with Tesla then shooting a scorching ray at the amazon orc, burning off her webs. Iridinae is further drained of strength.

Gal soaks MASSIVE damage from an unseen assailant. Kerin attempts to turn the shadow, but it does not seem to have any effect. Gal manages to step back and heal herself using the wand. Tesla fires the scorching ray at the shadow and it is incredible weakened. The shadow flees through the wall. Gal is badly hit and shifts into an Ogre form. Tesla zaps the amazon orc, killing her. The shadow returns and attacks Kerin draining some of her strength.

Gal is hit by the invisible assailant, but her new form she shrugs off the damage. Kerin casts spiritual weapon which attacks the shadow causing it to dissipate. The unseen attacker screams in rage. Iridinae swings at the attacker but misses. Gal swings repeatedly and chops at the invisible attacker with her dagger. Tesla casts mage armour on Gal. Gal is hit rather hard. Kerin orders her spiritual weapon to attack the unseen assailant and heals Gal with an empowered cure spell.

Tesla casts voice of the dragon and using the suggestion effect, orders the invisible attack to "Become Visible". The female Castellan APPEARS and attempts to use a scroll. A critical hit from Gal causes the spell to fizzle. The spiritual weapon crits the Castellan as well. The female Castellan falls.

The party enters the chamber with the body of the Castellan. Boxo has just received his punishment. After a short argument with the council, the heroes suggest the council look at the timeline. They quickly discover that the Castellan(s) have indeed been plotting with each other and that the party was attacked.

The council apologizes for the inhospitality and asks where they would want to go. They are offered a place to stay in the meantime. They excuse themselves from the council chamber. They close the doors and loot the bodies.

Session ends...

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