Thursday, July 30, 2009

Playing with Fire

Recently, the grill I'd been using as my primary grill died. The hottest it would get was about 200 degrees. I've previously been a pure "charcoal" user, but of late I've preferred to use gas because it permits me to grill more cheaply and more often.

This past weekend, the trophy fiancee and I headed over to Lowe's and ended up walking out with a new "Perfect Flame" grill (their in-house brand).

After a false start with the first thing I cooked (read blackened) it has worked beautifully. It appears to get to a surface temp of about 600+ degrees, and gets to a normal cook temp in about 5-10 minutes. So far, every lunch and dinner since I picked it up has been grilled (meat and veggies).

Now, by purchasing wood chips, I'm hoping to able to get the same smokey flavor I enjoy. I've not quite gotten this to work yet for regular grilling, but for slow cooking I think it will work NICELY.

This next shopping trip, I think we are going to pick up some pork ribs so I can give bar-be-queing a try.

Now, off to cook some more!

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