Friday, July 24, 2009

TV Time!

As previously stated, I've got cable television and it's hundreds of channels. So what do I regularly watch aside from my perennial favorites: Simpsons, Family Guy, etc?

The main show I've gotten hooked on of late is "Good Eats" with Alton Brown on the Food Network. It's a fun and amusing cooking show. Alton is very much a "Food Geek" - he will not only tell you how to fix something, but why it is the way it is. His shows are entertaining even if you dislike the food he's demonstrating.

Another show I enjoy, that I'm waiting for new episodes of is "Top Gear" on BBC America. It's a car show that includes a healthy dose of humour. I mentioned the show in passing previously when talking about my car purchase.

Then there is another pure fun food network show called "The Best Thing I Ever Ate", which shows specific dishes at specific restaurants that are, in the opinion of the Food Network stars, some of their favourite foods.

Last week, new episodes of Torchwood showed on BBC America - I of course, DVRed these!

What WILL I be watching? Well, I notice that I neglected to post that COMEDY CENTRAL HAS ORDER 22 EPISODES OF FUTURAMA FOR 2010!!!!!

Happy Weekend!

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Chris said...

So far Torchwood: Children of Earth is freaking amazing, tonight is the big finale. Can't wait. And a new Dr. Who is on this Sunday.