Friday, July 17, 2009

What is your problem AT&T?


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Chris said...

Their problem is they see iPhone users as their own personal cash cow. They think they can get away with charging iPhone users a premium price for the EXACT same service that BlackBerry users get for a lower pirce.

BlackBerry users are charged a tethering fee of $30.00 above their additional BlackBerry charge. I don't see why there is a charge at all.

I have an "unlimited" data plan already (caps at 5GB per month) why am I being charged any amount more? but an extra $25.00 just because I have an iPhone?

FUCK YOU AT&T, I used to work for these bastards as did my father, between the two of us I spent 27 years of my life depending on them for my livelihood. They can go screw for all I care.

SErvice charges should in no way be this damned expensive.

I will now step of my soapbox and yield the floor to whomever wants to start up their own rant.

oh and fuck you AT$T