Friday, July 31, 2009

Rachael's Nemesis

First of all - Here is a player guide to Champions Online.


One of the things Champions Online will offer is the ability to create your own "Nemesis". Well, I got a rather crazy idea about this. I want "Rachael" to have a Nemesis, but I don't want to design "it". Soooo, I want YOU the reader to do it.

Here is how it's gonna work.

Put together an idea for Rachael's nemesis. I want backstory, powers, and goals. I'll post the winning entry as a post on this blog. So put on your thinking caps. Around the end of August I'll put up a post with submission instructions. If I do indeed start playing Champions, I will use YOUR villain as my Nemesis.

What do you win? The admiration of everyone who reads this blog.

So, you may never have "met" Rachael, so let me tell you about her...

    Rachael lived a rather quiet and sheltered life eventually obtaining a scholarship to study Library Science at Oxford. While there, she roomed with a student studying science. However, her roommate was being observed by Crey for recruitment. The agents of Crey decided to "threaten" Rachael's roommate by exposing Rachael to a near lethal dose of atmospherium. However, the radiation interacted with Rachael's DNA causing her to increase in density. This provided her with super strength and extreme resistance to physical damage. She rescued her friend and fled to Paragon City. As a side effect of the mutation, she grew several inches taller.

    When she'd moved to Paragon, she'd intended to adopt the moniker "Guardian", except that due to a registration error, her identity became public record and so she chose to simply use her own name. Of course, being seven feet tall would have made having a secret identity somewhat difficult.

    Since living in Paragon City, she made a name for herself having battled most of the major villains there including: Nemesis, Lord Recluse, Tyrant, and even going toe to toe with the Hamidon.

    Rachael possesses an above average IQ and leverages her skills at research with her physical prowess so that she is able to take down villains who are incredibly powerful.

She was a Stone/Super Strength Tank - however, the "comic" version of her would probably be "Invulnerability/Super Strength". To get a feel of what she is like as a "superhero", I'd recommend reading the current incarnation of "She Hulk" to get a good idea.

She was accused of a crime she didn't commit, but escaped custody until she could prove her innocence and bring the real criminal to justice. However, she was still guilty of escape from prison and resisting arrest and served a two year sentence in the Zigguraut (supervillain prison).

Upon release, she moved to Millennium City where she started over - This is where Champions Online takes up her story.

Sooo, internet....who is her "Nemesis" and why? Tell me about this person.

As I said, I'll post submission instructions at the end of August.


Anonymous said...

have a question for you on this, do you want it to point back to city of heroes, do you prefer a female nemisis, for cat fights lol, let me know i think this is a great idea. ---cliff

Rachael Storm said...

Pointing to CoX would be cool, but isn't necessary.

Gender doesn't matter.

Matthew said...

If Rachael is still channeling the 'Sexy librarian' vibe, then my suggestion is 'The Bookburner', a fire based villain.

If she's only doing the Bettie Page gig, then 'Comfortable Shoes' a water based 'wet blanket' knock off might be fun.

FatalKain said...

hum I think that your Nemesis... "is it nemesis or nemisi man I can never remember that... what is it in singular forum again?" -Mystery Men

anyways I think It should be a super cool ex rock star turned dark Ninja Defender from Kings Row..

just saying...