Friday, May 18, 2007

The Adventures of Stan and Lou

First of all, grats to the team that stomped the STF today.

Me - Rachael Storm (Stone/Superstrength Tank)
South Freedom (Dark/Dark Defender)
Auburn Angel (Energy/Energy Blaster)
Solar Knight (Invulnerability/Fire Tank)
Noxheraldis (Energy/Fire blaster)
Quantum Plumber (Kinetics/Radiation Defender)
Amber De'Ville (Fire/Ice Tank) <-- Newbie to the STF
Brent Hamer (Illusion/Kinetics Controller) <-- Said he was always picked last and often passed over on team invites.

To those who say that "Illusion/Kinetics" is bad for the STF, I say you don't know what you are talking about. The fact is, what you need is a balanced team of people who follow instructions. In that case, almost any team will be able to face this if they are prepared. You don't need a "Perfect Team Build". You just need a balanced team of heroes who pay attention.

Now, today's entertainment is The Adventures of Stan and Lou a fun bit of City of Heroes humour.

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