Thursday, May 17, 2007

STF Forming - PST for Invite.

This morning, we laid smackdown upon Lord Recluse again. The end part was quite easy this time.

Our team was:
  • Me (Stone/SS Tank)
  • South Freedom (Dark/Dark/Dark Defender)
  • Queen of Flame (Fire/Rad Controller)
  • St.Black Swan (Fire/Kin Controller)
  • Asymptot (Inv/SS Tank)
  • Xian Xi (MA/SR Scrapper)
  • DJTrizz (Electric/Energy Blaster)
  • Targo Faile (Ma/SR Scrapper)


I'm sure however, Recluse will again try to take over the world.

We soundly defeated Ghost Widow. Her heal could not hit Xian nor Targo.

When we tried to attack Scirraco, all the villains came at us. I managed to keep Black Scorpion and Captain Mako occupied until everyone manage to take Scirraco down.

All and all it was a good run.

I did note - Black Scorpion has TAUNT. We've never seen him use it before, but he used it today.

(Moving out of Character)

As it is well known, every morning I run the Statesman TF (4:30 am to 8:00 am Central Time - Infinity Server). This is a Task Force that is reviled as much as it is liked. So, presumably, the question of "Why does Rachael like it?" come up.

To be honest, a big part is that I like high level teaming. I got to Security Level 50 because I LIKE being the Big Bad Boulder Babe. THIS gives me a reason to. I never got into Hamidon Raids because of when they occurred (usually spending evenings with the family). So, I never got to be the uber powered, HOed character that most of my teammates are. The STF offers either an HO (although that is currently bugged) or a Rare Recipe (go go crafting). So, the idea is (if they hurry up and fix the HO bug), I have something that I can do that will give me the high end reward.

That was my initial reason.

Now, honestly, I do it for fun. I find it a nice challenging TF. I pushes me to my limit and requires real tactics and coordination. It gives me a daily 8-person team outlet. I LOVE it.

The reward is high enough to get people interested in doing this - especially the high end players.

If other people don't like it, that is fine. I'm not asking people to like it as much as I do. However, don't deny me my level 50 team.

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