Friday, May 25, 2007


Sometimes you run a team and it's just "magical". That was today's STF. Our lineup included.
  • Me
  • Red Tomax
  • St.Dominatrix
  • Xian Xe
  • South Freedom
  • DJ Trizz
  • Juke Joint Jezebel
  • Br0k3n
I'd never teamed with JJJ nor Br0k3n before, but I knew of them. I'll simply say, having two people who control the power of Kinetics on a team, is just....lovely. And these two REALLY performed well. Furthermore, the team did enough damage that I was able to hold Ghost Widow's attention remotely while the rest of the team entered melee. I don't normally play it this way, because usually we don't do enough damage nor have enough recharge for me to hold her attention to prevent her from using her PBAoE heal. Today, we did. Two speed Boosts, and me being able to run without Granite, AND people who knew to boost their defense before attacking meant that she was almost trivial to defeat. Two tactics and a few radiation blasts meant that Mako wasn't too bad either.

One of the things I wish people would keep in mind about this TF, you need to be ACTIVELY doing something. Even if you just have ONE attack, USE it. It will make an incredible difference. On this team, EVERYONE was pushing 90 mph.

Thank you team! This made up for not being able to do this for the past two days.

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Matthew said...

That team was a lot of fun!

More kinetics is always better. If we ever see both Br0k3n and JJJ together, I may bring East just for more kin/ joy.