Monday, May 21, 2007

Ghost Widow pwns

Well, today Ghost Widow was tricky, but we got her. Go team.

  • Me
  • South Freedom
  • Noxheraldis
  • Xian Xe
  • Solar Knight
  • St. Black Swan
  • Queen of Flame
  • Tanaka Hiromoto - His first STF!
I'm of two minds on Ghost Widow.

Firstly, she is the hardest AV in City of Heroes/Villains. On top of her insanely high regeneration rate, she has 2 to 3 heals - the worst of which is a heal that targets everything in melee. One bad player, can make that encounter completely impossible. The team needs to have a coherent and consistent plan to taker her down. We have a good track record of defeating her, but still...

    Dressing up in a costume takes a very extreme personality, and the chances of eight such personalities getting along were about seventy-eleven million to one against.
- Alan Moore, The Watchmen

This is, of course, true here. In fact, at level 54, she is probably over powered for any encounter simply because of the amount of coordination it takes to deal with her coupled with the focus to do your job to the best of your abilities.

HOWEVER, I think that there is a place for this encounter, mainly for the reasons I just mentioned. It teaches teamwork and forces people to use a strategy rather than just "bull rush and hope for the best".

On Sunday morning, we ran the Statesman Task Force. That is, we TRIED to. When Ghost Widow hit 25% of her health, she started healing herself. At this point, the blaster we had on our team (someone we'd never met) decided to jump in an melee her. This permitted her to heal back up to full health. I told him repeatedly to back off and attempted to teleport him away. His response, "Go Away". I've decided, if I ever get a team member like that again, I'm simply going to kick him from the team.

We ended up stalemating when I called "Run Away".

So, the big lesson for this, TEAMWORK; or as my significant other says, "There is no "I" in SHUT THE **** UP!"


Matthew said...

I felt sorry for player X. I think he's starting to realize just how badly his reputation is hurting him. That doesn't mean I'm willing to team with him again any time soon.

And he was right. Perma taunt from the tankers will work, apparently. But failing to set that up ahead of time means that GW wins.

Regardless, this morning was fun!

Rachael Storm said...

And being a stoney, I can't really permataunt without heavier slotting.