Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dungeons and Dragons Session - Eberron Campaign - A story begins

On Saturday night, the Eberron Campaign started...

The cast of characters (in order of the sheets next to me):
  • Tosca Zarchadis - Changling Rogue
  • Kal'tozak - Fallen Demon Duskblade
  • Sequester Cross - Humanoid Swordsage
  • Liver Mist - Quickling Jester
  • Dominicus - Illonis Cleric
  • Agotha Broska - Vampiric Elven Warlock
  • Chava Arvid of Clan Roza at Stormhold Eyrie - Niomus Spellsinger
(Changling is in the Eberron Campaign Setting; Fallen Demon, Illonis, Niomus are listed in The Fantasy Flight Games Supplement Mythic Races; Quickling is in Arcana Evolved; Duskblade is in Player's Handbook II; Warlock is in Complete Arcane; Spellsinger is in Kingdoms of Kalamar Player's Handbook; Jester is from the Dragon Compendium; Swordsage is from the Book of Nine Swords - level adjustments have been taken into account)

It is two years after the end of The Last War that ravaged across the continent of Khorvaire. In country of Breland is the city of Sharn, the City of Towers. This thriving, cosmopolitan metropolis is the largest on Khorvaire and looms atop an inhospitable outcropping of rock near the mouth of the Dagger River. It is here that our story begins.

The story opens on a late summer evening in Sharn. Drizzle was falling from a dark, grey sky.

Deep below the city, in the area of Sharn known as "the Fallen", Agotha awoke. The hunger gnawed at her, she knew she must feed soon. Her eyes fell upon Liver, who shared her lair. He was a small being but she had little choice and asked for him to submit to her, so that she may feed. She took just enough blood to satiate her hunger, but not enough to kill. They proceeded to The Bazaar in Middle Dura.

In the Dragon Crypts, a lone figure walked toward a small mausoleum. Dominicus was an Illonis, a blind being from a long forgotten plane of existance. He resided in the necropolis as a last resort. Pushing the the door to the mausoleam open revealed a demonic being sitting in the darkness, Kal'toras. He was also an outcast from society, as his demonic visage alienated all those who saw him. Despite the rain, Dominicus desired company and they chose to walk to the lower class necropolis known as Halden's Tomb.

Meanwhile, Tosca walked through the Bazaar in Middle Dura, hoping to find work. She was greeted by Chava who'd just finished her last errand for the evening. They began to talk as they heard a cry from a nearby alley followed by sounds of a scuffle. The two ran to discover a man being beaten up by a couple of thugs. They easily intimidated the two toughs who fled, with a threat of "Stay away from the orphanage."

They helped the cleric up and made sure he was OK. At this time, Agotha and Liver were walking through the Bazaar when Agotha caught the scent of the clerics blood, piquing her curiousity. They find Chava and Tosca (Chava and Agotha have met previously). The quartet offer to escort the cleric back to his temple (The Church of the Silver Flame) in Upper Dura. Agotha first pauses to get food for Liver (as he was still weak from being fed upon). She found a street food salesman who she attempted to intimidate. Chava simply paid for the food.

Back in the Necropolis, Dominicus and Kal'toras encounter Kal'toras's friend Sequiter. They continue to Halden's tomb. Dominicus sings a haunting song of battle which attracts the attention of two ghoulish beings. They were skinless bodies with grey, wet musculature. While the party made quick work of the two, the battle attracted two largers ones, who they barely defeated.

In the Bazaar, Tosca asks the Cleric why he was attacked. The cleric informs them that the Lantern Way Orphanage had recently had four children kidnapped. His church had sent him to perform a preliminary investigation. It was on the way back that the two thugs attacked him. He had yet to uncover any information, as the doors of the rooms the children were in had been locked for the night.

Session ends.

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