Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dungeons and Dragons Session - Hellenika Campaign - I love it when a plan comes together

The party decides that a frontal assault is best and makes plans to attack the following day. They decide to capture her and bring her back to Arion. A little more information gather reveals that the undead being terrorizing the area does so every year about this time.

The next morning, the party leaves the city toward the last known location of Callisto. The party heads to the cave, leaving behind the skittish horses. Gal hears odd baying around the otherside of the hill. She changes to Giant form. Kerin casts buff spells (including electrical resistance, knowing that Tesla will be blasting electricity).

As the party rounds the hill, they see a pack of undead dogs tearing apart a small fox. Iridinae fires her bow at them. Tesla fires a massive ball of electricity which destroys a bunch of them. Gal rushes into the pack striking at several of them, her druidic abilities allowing her to charge across the rough terrain. Kerin feels a tugging from behind her just as she is about to act. She still manages to move forward.

The battle continues with Iridinae firing again, but a second blast from Tesla takes out the remaining undead dogs.

Immediately following the battle, Kerin feels her pack pulling her away. She opens her pack and looks. The music box given to her by Aktitos is pulling toward the fox. The music box opens and the fox vanishes.

Tesla casts fly on the group and they glide around to the mouth of the cave. It also is now full of zombie wolves. Iridinae fires killing one. Tesla blasts, killing many. The rest of the group pressing taking no damage. Iridinae fires again at one of the 4 remaining killing it. Tesla blasts again killing the rest.

There is a glow from inside the cave. The party is greeted with a large firey horse (a Nightmare). It swings a hoof at Kerin. Iridinae draws her sword and moves into melee. Tesla fires daggers of electricity at it doing minor damage. Gal swings, doing massive damage to it. Kerin moves in and starts stabbing at it, killing it utterly.

The party proceeds into the cave, Gal shifting to Ogre form. They hear growls as they move deeper. They find a sleeping figure being guarded by two undead wolves. Iridinae cuts at one. Tesla fires rays of electricity, killing one wolf and wounding the other. Gal moves up and starts swinging at the remaining wolf, killing it.

Kerin casts detect magic, seeing a great deal of magic. The area is clear, though the body radiates magic. They wrap the body in the hellhound cloaks and remove all of her magic items. They grab the horn and proceed.

They return to the city and go to the Inn. Arion is melancholy over seeing his sister. Upon taking the horn he becomes dazed and immediately tries to blow it. Kerin casts silence before he can. Gal attempts to wrestle it, away, but tries to blow it. Kerin wraps it in a cloak and takes it from her.

They wrap the horn in a cloak so that Arion need not touch it and Iridinae gives him her Cloak of Resistance. They decide to go to his quarters in case something goes awry.

He blows into the horn, creating a musical 'hunting horn' sound. He attempts to sing, but fails. The group suggests he write the lyrics down but this doesn't work. After a discussion, he recalls that he has a music box similar to the ones Stiggos had given the party. He says he taught Stiggos how to make them. He finds his music box.

He blows the horn and opens his music box. His music brings Iridinae and Tesla to tears. The room is bathed in sunlight and they see his limbs heal and his sister regain life. She awakens and remembers him.

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