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Dungeons and Dragons Session - Hellenika Campaign - No Trans Fat !

Arion is by Callisto's bedside whispering to her. He turns to the group and asks for some time with her. The party leaves them alone (taking the horn). Upon leaving, the party hears a scuffling downstairs. The party heads down, to see the staff stopping a crowd of people trying to get by.

Tesla asks what they want, and the members of the crowd cries out that they are cursed and want the party to help each of them. The party attempts to calm them but fails. A voice from the door calls for them to calm down. It is the high priest of Apollo. This calms the crowd. He advises the crowd that this is the work of the gods and they should look to the gods for help. The crowd disperses.

The staff parts to let him through. He asks to speak to the party. The group heads to Arion's office. They introduce themselves (Tesla using his elven name, "Teslanthasa", as opposed to the name he is known by and pulling his hat down). The priest speculates that a member of the staff had started spreading the news that Arion's curse had been lifted.

He wants to know what the party is doing here. Gal reveals that the party is here to prevent a portal to the realm of the dead opening. The priest points out that being here would be problematic due to the party's fame and status as fugitives. He points out that due to magic and time travel. Kerin points out that he obviously knows more than he is letting on. The priest reminds her that Apollo is the god of Knowledge and Prophecy. The party points out that they have no other plans though Tesla says that he probably has an inkling as to what else they may do.

The priest, Kierkos, points out that he'd sent Stephanos to the party to assist them. He also points out that the party is in possession of a music box. He asks that while the party closes the portals, that they attempt to solve "The Riddle of the Music Box" as Aktitos plays a roll in what is happening and somehow the box is connected. The party tells him that Aktitos is dead. While melancholy, the priest indicates that it IS possible for Aktitos to return. Because Aktitos was "favored of Apollo", and that Apollo came to personally claim his body, the priest believes that Aktitos isn't in the land of the dead, but is instead, in a land far to the north, that there is a hidden valley in the mountains where Apollo stays when not driving his chariot across the sky. It is said that in this land, Apollo keeps all of his favourites who have passed on and so it is possible that Aktitos is there and possibly retrievable.

Somehow the box is connected, and Gal observes that they could travel north to retrieve Aktitos. The high priest suggests that he speak with Arion to assist the party in being low profile. He thanks the party for helping Arion and says he will do what he can though he cannot admit to knowledge of what the party is doing and cannot be seen helping the party. He recommends keeping distance from the temples of Zeus, Hera, Poseiden, Aries, and Demeter. Hermes is a "wild card" in this scheme. He points out there are factions in the remaining temples that aren't safe.

He goes on to reveal that it is likely that Gal's deity is 'Kybele', and is one of the banished gods. While he does not know the ultimate will of Apollo, he has been instructed to aid the banished gods especially in stopping the plans of the darker gods. He also points out that Tesla's outfit is very dated and bad.

The party decides to hide until dark, so they can quietly return to their inn. The priest excuses himself. Tesla gets a book on magic and sits down to read and wait for lunch. Lunch arrives. Tesla describes Stephanos to Gal who shapeshifts into a nondescript human male form. Tesla hands her his hat which she puts into a bag. (S)He heads out.

Gal notices a lot of people milling about the inn. However, Gal heads to the Bazaar with little difficulty. She puts on Tesla's hat. A person does meet Gal. The person is suspicious of Gal, and Gal ineptly attempts to convince him. fortunately for Gal, this person is as inept as Gal. (Sadly there is no way that I, the blogger, can describe the interchange between the GM and the person who plays Gal and do it justice).

They head back to the Golden Sunbeam, with Gal in the form of a beautiful woman. She provides cover for him to head to the rooms. She makes sure he is OK, and then heads back to the Brilliant Bard. A staff stops her from continuing to the office. She changes back into her normal form, allowing her to pass.

Tesla attempts to complement Gal, who thinks he is chiding her. Arion comes in, and he is much better and more ably. Callisto apparently does not recall anything from the past decade of being cursed. He says he is going to perform this evening and will perform an enchantment that will wipe the party from other people's memories. Its not permanent, but should last a couple weeks.

He tells the party that the Aries worshiper has apparently returned from a stroll with his "uncle", though no one recalls the uncle leaving. Arion points out that the suite next to the room is empty and will remain so to deal with the problem. The party casts detect magic to determine if the horn still has an enchantment on it. Tesla notices enchantment, but they don't know if that is still the same compulsion.

Arion creates a diversion by announcing his concert this evening to celebrate the lifting of his curse (free performance, free drinks). The party leaves and returns to the Golden Sunbeam and meets Stephanos. Tesla tells him that they will help, but he must help them with the portal. He is aware of a "Sideways hole to nowhere" as part of the prophecy he was given. He knows that he was to be instrumental in the battle by fighting "the undefeatable foe".

Iridinae tests Stephanos with swords. He is "moderately good", but not great. He tells the party that over the past few months, a number of his friends and family have died. Many were people who'd been contracted to educate the royal children. Kerin speculates that it has something to do with "The Queen's Daughter" (from a while back).

The party explains to Stephanos about Garm's attempt to overthrow the gods. Stephanos gets worried as this talk is heretical. The party convinces him that they're on the right side and have worked with Keirkos. He recognizes Iridinae and asks about her. She says that she was instructed by her temple to work with the party.

Gal asks about the prophecy. He says that he was to find the rogue who does not hide, hire him to do the unthinkable in reverse. He would reveal to him the sideways hole to nowhere where he'd fight the unbeatable foe and that would lead him to the answers he seeks. Tesla and Iridinae realize that the "unthinkable" is the heretical thoughts of Garm overthrowing the gods. After all, heresy, by definition, is unthinkable. In reverse would mean maintaining the "status quo" (A phrase used repeated in Timeos'/Boxo's journal).

Stephanos officially hires the party to prevent the overthrow of the gods.

Session ends.

*The decision has been made to temporarily put the campaign on summer hiatus.*

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