Friday, July 25, 2008

Sharn Primer

For those readers who will be participating in my D&D Campaign, I recommend keeping up with my blog for info.

First, note that anything to do with my campaign will have the "Eberron" metatag. By Clicking on the metatag, you will be able to view all posts that deal with this campaign.

Secondly, as previously noted, this is a city based campaign located in Sharn: The City of Towers in the realm of Eberron. While I don't require any players know anything about Sharn, I would like to offer these links to provide deeper information if you'd like a primer.
From a GM perspective, I'm using Ten Foot Wiki to manage campaign info.

Also, I ask my players to do two things in combat:
  1. Know what you are going to do when I call on you
  2. If necessary, have the rule/spell out and ready for me to look at


Matthew said...

I'll read up on the background stuff and start mulling on ideas.

Ethereal Council, Dalyth Prime said...

Very wise GM requests.

Very much wish I could be in this, as I love Noir, and enjoy 3.5.

Good luck and good gaming!

Rachael Storm said...

I wish I could have y'all in it. But I'm at my group limit.

Also, we roundrobin GM, so I'm the one running this. We also have a Serenity game and an Unhallowed Metropolis game that takes the same timeslot.

I welcome comments and suggestions via email BTW. (only so the party doesn't see what you are observing)