Thursday, January 15, 2009

First Eldar Game

After a year, I finally had my first battle with some of my Eldar. This was the FIRST 40k game I've played where I did NOT play Space Marines.

I primarily used the models I have which consisted of 20 Dire Avengers, 6 Fire Dragons with a basic Wave Serpent, and 1 Wave Serpent. Elrond from the LotR line kindly stepped up to pull "Farseer" service with the "Guide" psychic power. This came to about 532 points.

Cliff brought his Orks and constructed a group of Boyz, 'Ard Boyz, Storm Boyz, a Deff Copta, and a Warp Head. We set up on a half-table and did a basic Annihilation scenario.

I have to say, I like the feel of Eldar. They seem rather fragile compared to Space Marines (obviously - Eldar have a Toughness of 3 and a Save of 4, whereass Space Marines have a Toughness of 4 and a Save of 3). BUT, they throw down a LOT of damage. The Dire Avengers get 2 shots at 18".

Sadly, I didn't take notes to make a real battle report for my readers. However, I did get a chance to get a feel for how Eldar play. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the contrast of performance to my Space Marines.

However, I did make note of a few fun/funny turns.

1. One of my Dire Avenger squads moved in and killed 3 of the Storm Boyz. They blew their Leadership test and fled. "Da Boss didn tell us dey 'ad gunz!!!!"

2. The Warp Head's head exploded (it always cracks me up with this happens).

3. The Fire Dragons and Elrond stepped out of the Wave Serpent and killed about 70% of the 'Ard Boyz, only to have the other squad of Boyz come around the corner and blast them to hell. This was followed by the 'Ard Boyz assaulting Elrond and the remaining Exarch and taking them down.

The result of this game is in dispute. At the end of the game, there were 2 regular Boyz and the Nob with powerfist vs. 2 Dire Avengers and 1 Exarch (plus a Wave Serpent with no weapons). Cliff conceded, but I maintain it was a draw.

However, we had a fun game. So as far as I'm concerned we BOTH won!

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