Monday, January 5, 2009

Take it off, Take it ALL OFF!!!!

About 90% of my Space Marine army I purchased from other players instead of getting them new. The drawback to this, of course, is removing the paint so that I can turn them into true Imperial Stormtroopers (aka The Anger Sharks). When dealing with GW paints, this normally isn't an issue. Just soak 'em a while in Simple Green and then pull out your handy toothbrush (or Sonic Scrubber) and they get nice and clean!

However, shortly before Thor's Hammer in Austin closed, I purchased a batch of marines that were painted tan. I don't know WHAT paint this guy used, but DAMN, that stuff does NOT want to come off. They are plastic, so I don't want to risk Acetone (which I know will work) and my experiments way back when with Pine Sol proved damaging to plastics, so I need to find a better paint remover for these guys.

So, I'm experimenting with DOT 3 brake fluid. I'd heard that you don't need much, but in THIS case, I'm actually needing to soak them a bit to try to get this paint to come off. I'll be sure to post on this.

One other thing...Crusher Joe noted on his blog that black Gesso was good for when weather doesn't permit spray painting. Well, I gave it a shot (since I have very little luck with spray). He is right, Gesso = AWESOME! I don't think I'm going to go back to spray.

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