Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hot Rodding

I love my beautiful pony (car). Of course, I'd really love to customize it. Sadly, I spend too much on Warhammer minis and computer parts to do anything like that. So for the other car nuts out there, I'll post a few things I'd like to do Miss Sally - but sadly probably never will....
  • Something like the Kenwood DNX5120. I love the idea of built in navigation and the ability to watch a movie if I'm sitting in my car waiting. Now, I'm not saying this brand or this specific item, just this feature set.
  • I think that the functionality of the Hypertech Hyperpac Engine Controller 84009 should be incorporated into the stereo package so that it's all nicely integrated. Furthermore, they should have had the forthought to have Majel Barret (Rest in Peace) record the computer voice so I could have my car TELL me "Warning - Engine Temperature High" or "Warning - Fuel Level Critical". But then again, I see my car like a Federation Starship.
  • Some type of Cell Phone extender would be cool too. I have all that electricity, I should be able to use it.
  • Of course, all of these digital packages are just gravy. The main course would be something like a Shelby Cobra or Roush conversion. Of course, I don't want the body kits, I want the thing to be dressed DOWN to look like the V6 version (I love "sleepers"). Supercharger isn't actually necessary, I don't need THAT much power (but it'd be nice).
  • Now, while I would never intentionally speed, a little reminder to slow down would probably be helpful. Roush has nice radar detectors as does Cobra.
This should be enough to turn my car into a nice home away from home. Now, I may need an improved security system above what it has, but that is easy.

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