Friday, January 16, 2009

I can't play Space Hulk anymore

WAY back when, when I started playing 40k, I bought the game Space Hulk as it was cheaper to get Terminators THERE than to buy a box of Termies. At the time, Space Hulk was $45, and a box of 5 Terminators was $40 (iirc). No brainer, right? I've always been pleased with my purchase.

Space Hulk ALSO came with a bunch of Genestealers. Well, last weekend, I did some MAJOR cleaning out of my possessions, I had to think, "What am I going to do with all these Genestealers?" The decision...I gave them away.

So, now, I have a bunch of non-blood angel painted Terminators AND no genestealers plus my Space Hulk set. So, if you come by and want to play Space Hulk, better bring a bunch of genestealers.

Incidentally, now I got a TON of books to take to Half-Price books.


Chris said...

we could always play regular boarding actions using the templates. You know SM v. SM of I could really get screwed with my Tau in there. Just some thoughts.

Rachael Storm said...

Oh, indeed...but "true" Termies vs. Genestealers would be unlikely.

However, that WOULD be cool, we should look into it.

Chris said...

Hey Check this out for the iPhone.