Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dungeon and Dragons session - Hellenika Campaign - just one more day!

After reading the previous session notes, I, the writer, realized that I haven't been focusing on my grammar. This is probably due to the fact that I am tired when I write these (not being a night person and entering these notes DURING the session). I sincerely hope that the readers of this text will be forgiving when verb tense changes and sentence fragments are encountered.


The heroes realize at this point they only have an hour left before the time is up. Gal takes point and they hurry. During our travel, Tanaqa'l recommended to Tesla that he use his charm spells on the spider creatures. Kerin and Gal cast Neutralize poison on all the party members (except for poor Woof-Woof). Tanaqa'l asked Gal if "she'd reconsider" to which Gal replied "There is no way I'm going to spend the rest of my life on this island".

The heroes reached the edge of the forest. Gal checked the ground for any signs of the creatures and decided that this was not a place for an ambush. After a few minutes, Iridinae noticed that the area is suddenly devoid of birds. Tesla immediately cast fly on all the members of the party and the heroes prepare. They continue and encounter a massive amount of webbing. Gal lit her torch and Kerin cast Darkfire on herself. Iridinae sees a "bundle" of web that appeared to be a small humanoid wrapped up in webbing.

Suddenly, webbing shot out, missing the party. Battle ensued. Tesla cast charm at a spiderman as 2 spiders scuttled toward our heroes. Gal and Kerin each attacked a spider. The spiderman calls off the spider. With a "Sorry little elf", Tanaqa'l hits Tesla with his club. Kerin cast obscuring mist, and Tesla moved away...into a web. The remainder of the party focused on dealing with Tanaqa'l who "did not want to be alone". With Woof-woof's help, Tesla managed to break free just as the charmed spiderman came down out of the trees. Tesla asked him for the green gem.

As the battle raged in the mist, Gal cast Body of the Sun while Kerin kept the Darkfire touch attacks. The party managed to defeat Tanaqa'l and get the green gemstone. Gal touches the crystals and we appear before the Castallan.

The Castallan offers to take the party before the council. They first ask to be given the chance to clean up before they meet the council. He brings them to their rooms informing us that we are to be civil before the council and that normally women would not speak to the council. Obviously, this is an exception.

In time, they are brought before the council who is very condescending. Gal and Kerin plead to the council for the life of Boxo and the wishes of Lendor in the correction of the timeline. The council concedes to give us something to free Boxo and bring him back here to stand trial for corrupting the time stream.

However, it quickly became apparent that the council of time lords (all of whom are very old and bordering on senile it would seem) had no knowledge of the state of the island, the "harem of the castallan", and the meat shipments. The Castallan tried to give "false evidence" against us (very poorly). The council asked that Glargofage be summoned, only to discover that he had gone missing.

Next they sent the Castallan, accompanied by Kerin to "find a new crystal with more information". The Castallan took Kerin outside and promptly vanished. Kerin returned to the council chamber and the heroes learned that Glargofage's remains were found on the island drained of blood. After checking, the council discovered that the Castallan and his staff were nowhere to be found.

The council vanished to confer. Kerin made her way to the docks to find the captain for assistance. She made contact and convinced him to come and assist. Meanwhile, back in the council chamber, the servants from the rooms arrived bringing equipment because they had heard there was a "crisis". Gal advised them to return and let them know if there was any sounds of trouble and fighting.

Session ended.


Ethereal Council, Dalyth Prime said...

Ahh... I can identify this campaign and its GM in one note. Hope you're having fun; we did when we played in (a verion of) it many, many years gone (let's just say it was pre-Player's Option 2nd ed when we played it, though I'm sure it's undergone many an evolution since).

And please give my greetings to my old friend (?) who runs it.

Rachael Storm said...

I certainly shall.