Monday, January 14, 2008

Play like you got a pair

If you've been reading, you know that I've dipped a toe into the world of Warmachine. I try not to pigeonhole myself if I can help it, hence I've no intention of giving up my Anger Sharks, Eldar, nor Brettonnian.

So far, I played two games, one versus Clay and one vs Chris. Yesterday was my second game.

My first game (against Clay) strongly mimiced my first attempt at 40k. Wiped off of the table, didn't get anything accomplished. So, I reread some details and looked at what I have in an attempt to figure out how to play them. Reading the Privateer Press Forums doesn't hurt either. Here is what I've figured out that I need to utilize.

1. All of my bonejacks have arc nodes.
2. The Skarlock Thrall can cast 1 spell of 3 power or less every round for free.
3. Denegra has some uber debuff spells: Grippling Grasp, Scourge, and Parasite.

The Bonejacks can get up where I need fairly quick. I needed to run them up and cast through one of them. Skarlock can toss out Crippling Grasp, Ghost Walk, Parasite, and Venom for free. Of course, Venom is a rather cruddy spell.

My second game (against Chris) went MUCH better. I sent my jacks up to engage and protected my casters. Denegra started casting through the arc nodes, but sadly, Cryx just doesn't have very good Warjacks compared to other groups. As someone said on the forum, you can't spell "Cryx" without "Cry".

Well, I did some more looking, and since my Warmachine investment is low, I may switch over to Khador. They are a more attractive army and have really mean jacks. It looks like it may fit my normal playstyle better. We shall see.

I'd recommend giving this game a look. After a few more sessions, I'll give a real review on it, but I can say that the people I know who have tried it, found it much more enjoyable than 40k. It holds appeal for as it's smaller amounts of troops (which I do enjoy).

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