Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Spirit Host came in!!!!!

On Friday, while gearing up to play Cyberpunk*, I discovered that my Spirit Host came in!

For the record, WAAAAY back when I started making friends in Austin, I was playing in a Vampire: The Masquerade campaign. During the final battle of that campaign, one of the players brought some minis to use as the bad guys. I later found out that these were "Eldar", and I now know were called "Fire Dragons".

In an unrelated turn of events, I decided that 40k looked like it would be a fun game to start playing. I (like most others) started with the Space Marines that came in the big box. But then, at my first game, I glanced over and saw what (to my mind) were some of the most elegant models I'd ever seen - Wraithlords and Wraithguard. Again, I found out that these were Eldar. At that point, I decided that while I had a fair amount of Space Marines (and my limited money at the time prohibited me from getting a second army) that I wanted to have an Eldar army.

Well, as previously indicated, that day has come. I've started collecting Eldar. The first box that came in was the Spirit Host containing:

  • Three Eldar Warlocks
  • Five Eldar Wraithguard
  • Two Eldar Wraithlords

Falling back on my success painting my Chaplain, I decided that I'll be painting these as Ulthwae, since it is the same colour scheme. While I've also ordered the Aspect Wave and the Cloudstrike force, I suspect these won't see TOO much action as Ulthwae is very depleted of Aspect Warriors. These will merely serve as a foundation. The next goal will be a boatload of Guardians.

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