Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dungeon and Dragons session - Hellenika Campaign - Castallan or Castallana?

Kerin had recruited the captain and was returning to the council chamber. They returned to find Iridinae arming herself. Kerin came to the conclusion that perhaps putting on armor might be a prudent course of action. The party asked the servants if they could see the Castallan's office.

Before the servants could help, the Castallan appeared and asked to parley. He asked if the servants could be dismissed. The party conceded and the servants left after placing "caps" on every other one of the lights (as they were closing down the chamber). The Castallan indicated that the Council was out-of-touch and divorced from the reality in which they live. The Castallan further said that he believed the island was in potential peril (as troops were marching across the mainland) and desired to have a force that could defend the island. He said that the reason that he used the disenfranchised women of the community for his troops was to empower them and give them a more meaningful life. He imported meat to feed them so that they would have a diet more conducive to training than the predominantly vegetarian diet of the Atlantians. He'd felt that the party was a threat and that is why he'd ordered the giant to attack us.

The Castallan suggested that he'd be willing to provide evidence that the party was lying and that they would be able to leave and free Boxo. The party, however, did not wish to be placed in a position of 'lying' to the party. Kerin suggested that if the party simply corrected the timeline, none of this would have ever happened. The Castallan said that it wasn't that simple and that the party has a "bubble of temporal grace" that permits things to work that should (Kerin gets spells). A discussion ensued regarding the best course of action.

Gal argued philosophy with the Castallan.

After asking about Glargophage, Kerin started messing with her armor (subtly casting detect magic after she noticed that the Castallan was not repositioning his glasses constantly as he was known to do). At this point, the Castallan revealed a great secret. It turns out that the Castallan the party was speaking to was not the same Castallan that had presented them to the council previously. The Castallan had a sister (who the party was then speaking to) that was the 'brain' of the two of them. The Castallan had teleported away to speak to his sister to ask for help as he was in over his head. She donned this disguise and returned to speak to the party.

Gal suggested that there must be another option that would save face for everyone. The Castallan's sister suggested that a plausible story would be that the giant cast an illusion that caused the party to see 'the soldiers.' Kerin further suggested that should only be part of the story and that perhaps the Castallan had a confuse spell cast on him by the giant. Gal suggested that the Giant, as 'punishment', be placed on the mainland.

With the story in place, the Castallan left.

A few minutes later, the Castallan returned and the counsel appeared. Kerin delivered the story to the counsel. The Castallan corroborated the story. The counsel accepted this story and provided the party with a crystal that would allow them to free Boxo from the "time bubble" in which he was trapped. The counsel insisted that the party return for further questioning when Boxo stands trial.

They are dismissed.

*DING* level up.

Session ends.

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